Enhancing Government SecOps-NetOps Collaboration with NETSCOUT Smart Data

How one intelligence agency used a single source of truth for cybersecurity and service edge monitoring

Enhancing Government SecOps-NetOps Collaboration with NETSCOUT Smart Data

NETSCOUT packet-based Smart Data has long represented an essential forensic analysis resource for network operations (NetOps) and security operations (SecOps) specialists tasked with post-incident troubleshooting and service restoration, including those focused on government-level information technology (IT) missions.

More recently, the United States Department of Defense Zero Trust Reference Architecture discussed the use of richer packet capture (PCAP) analysis beyond that cited in earlier technical standards, with the agency specifying an approach for advanced packet analysis to assist agencies with intelligent network traffic discovery, threat observation, and defense orientation.

This movement toward maximizing packet-based smart data in future government zero-trust architectures arrives just as many agencies look to improve NetOps and SecOps collaboration—in part by reducing the number of vendors and IT tools in their network environments.

For one intelligence agency responsible for assuring national security, an integrated NETSCOUT solution enabled NetOps and SecOps to make good on a strategic commitment announced by its country’s leadership to enhance national cybersecurity measures in response to persistent global threats. By deploying our InfiniStreamNG appliances with Omnis Cyber Adaptor technology, NetOps and SecOps use a single NETSCOUT Smart Data source for service assurance and cybersecurity analysis.

Read how the integrated NETSCOUT solution enabled this intelligence agency to meet overarching goals to safeguard this nation’s residents and government operations environments, as well as enhance NetOps-SecOps collaboration via a network environment with fewer vendors and IT tools to manage.

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