The Digital Transformation Train Has Left the Station

DX - train left station

If your organization isn’t already knee deep into digital transformation (DX) by now, then you’re the exception and not the rule. A recent study commissioned by NETSCOUT revealed that nearly eight in ten (79%) IT and business decision makers who were surveyed in the U.S., UK, Germany, and France believe that DX is an urgent requirement for their organization. Clearly, the DX train has left the station.

This trend is borne out by the large investments being made in DX. For enterprises that are either fully or partially focused on at least one DX area, respondents agreed IT budget spend is increasing. The survey showed DX expenditures on average are expected to increase from 29% in 2017 to 34% in 2020. And 41% of these organizations indicated they will need to invest more to ensure that DX is a success.

No industry is immune from the rapid changes that are taking place in today’s digital economy. The pressure to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and demands has spawned a plethora of ‘cloud-first’ start-ups that are unencumbered by legacy systems and conventions. These organizations are adopting new business models that rely on speed and flexibility. This should stand as something of a wakeup call for the rest of the business world, who are starting to see the benefits of tossing aside a more traditional mind-set and instead embracing new digital approaches to customer engagement and business growth.

With businesses facing greater and greater levels of interconnectivity and service inter-dependencies, DX is enabling enterprises to leverage information as never before, allowing them to gain insight into service delivery, operations and business performance. As a result, we’re seeing a strong push toward more agile, automated operational environments that rely on continuous monitoring and real-time analysis of the network. Using smart data and superior analytics, business are becoming empowered to innovate and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Forward-thinking organizations that have adopted a digital mind-set have come to recognize that the new paradigm of business decisions must be built on speed and business insights achieved through big data-driven visibility across physical, virtual and hybrid environments. Such companies are leveraging all their data sources, including network and application traffic, to achieve competitive advantages.

A key enabler of DX success is business assurance. NETSCOUT offers robust business assurance through a combination of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions that provide unmatched visibility into the applications and services that drive DX. This allows organizations to gain invaluable insights into service performance and security issues across all of their applications, compute, network, and storage workloads – whether on-premises or in hybrid cloud environments. The net result is, IT organizations are able to ensure high levels of availability, reliability, and responsiveness of digital services. And that is sure to keep your DX train on the right track and accelerating toward the future.

For a deeper dive into the latest trends in DX and how enterprises can prepare for the future, download the NETSCOUT white paper, Assuring the Enterprise in the Digital Era, by clicking here.

~Written by David Pitlik, Content Creator, Speechwriter, Technology Consultant