Company Reduces MTTR from 15 Hours to 15 Minutes with NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring

Company Reduces MTTR from 15 Hours to 15 Minutes with NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring
Eileen Haggerty

According to a recent blog from The 20, studies show that the average cost of a minute of IT downtime is $5,600 and a mind-boggling 98 percent of respondents indicated that a full hour of IT downtime costs their organization more than $100,000. These numbers vary significantly depending on the type of industry the enterprise is in and can trend as high as $300 thousand to $500 thousand in some cases.

The same blog identified other studies that focused on the impact such interruptions can have on employee productivity, going beyond the actual downtime to include the time needed to refocus employees’ minds on the tasks at hand. An average of 23 minutes is required to reorient an employee following an IT disruption.

Considering both costs of downtime and productivity loss, it is no wonder that many organizations prioritize IT best practices and performance monitoring solutions in their corporate environments. The objective, of course, is to avoid IT disruptions whenever possible—and when they do occur, reduce time lost to the disruptions and the impact on employee productivity.

Recently, a business process outsourcer, depended on by thousands of global clients, cut its mean time to recovery (MTTR) from 15 hours to 15 minutes. Learn more about how NETSCOUT’s innovative Smart Edge Monitoring helped the outsourcer’s IT team troubleshoot problems quickly, restore quality service delivery, and minimize impact on employee productivity.

See how this company reduced MTTR in its organization from 15 hours to 15 minutes using NETSCOUT’s innovative Smart Edge Monitoring.