Introducing the NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report – Findings from Second Half 2018

NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report
by ASERT Team on

We have a few announcements to make:

  • On Tuesday February 26th, we released our second threat intelligence report, titled ‘Dawn of the Terrorbit Era.’  The report furthers our findings around Internet Scale Threat, with analysis from the ATLAS Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) and powered by ATLAS, our collection systems which give us unparalleled visibility into the Internet and the adversaries that leverage it. The report covers our findings across the threat landscape, including APT, Crimeware and DDoS. Creating it is a herculean effort and now that it’s out, we’re keen on feedback. The web version quickly displays the key findings and the report itself is available for download without a credential gate. You can fill in form if you’d like to keep in touch but that’s not necessary if you simply wanted the report in it’s entirety.
  • In tandem, we’ve moved our blog to As much as we loved our old platform, the new site allows to bring our research to you in a snappier format. We expect to continue to deliver impactful research on a continuous basis and encourage you to sign up for notifications, bookmark the site or just swing by as often as you can.
  • Or even better, follow our new Twitter handle @ASERTResearch, where we publish content of interest to us as security researchers – certainly our own publications but also updates to our findings, IOCs or just interesting events that have come to our attention. This is a great way to engage with us as researchers as we search through the murky depths of the Internet.
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