Are You Getting the Most Bang for Your IT Buck?

Visibility as a solution offers an important means for extending the value of technology investments.

Are You Getting the Most Bang for Your IT Buck?
Tracy Steele

Back in early 2020, more than half of the respondents to a Deloitte survey on global technology leadership reported year-over-year budget increases between 2016 and 2020. Of course, what happened next changed things for many companies. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the way business was done and how technology supported it. In some cases, budgets were slashed.

As 2022 approaches, many expect IT budget growth to resume in earnest. A recent report revealed that 53 percent of businesses plan to increase technology spending year over year.

However, a growth in IT spend does not automatically guarantee a return on investment. Getting the most out of new technology is not a given. In certain instances, the lack of depth in that technology’s capabilities may lead an organization to source another tool or simply go without. In other cases, IT products that provide numerous capabilities and features are acquired for a subset of the intended mission, and useful features are never fully exploited. In both cases, IT is simply not getting the full bang for their investment dollars.

Managed Monitoring Services Can Identify Opportunities for Expanded Use


Managed monitoring services can offer an answer to this dilemma. By leveraging a visibility-as-a-service (VaaS) solution, IT can tap into an outsourced expert that thoroughly understands the technology. VaaS experts can identify opportunities for expanded use of an enterprise’s technology, saving the company money and improving productivity while extending the value of the investment already made in that technology.

Take, for example, a healthcare provider that initially purchased a performance management solution to monitor, troubleshoot, and support reliable access to medical records and imaging. When the provider realized it had other essential applications that needed service assurance, it engaged a VaaS expert to discover how it could use the performance management solution for a new telemedicine application, as well as for unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) services. Beyond these insights, VaaS provided much-needed visibility into the function of services within the provider’s other medical facilities, protecting the end-user experience and helping to ensure the highest quality of care.

VaaS enables IT to more easily manage complex, multivendor network environments, including private data centers, colocations, public cloud, remote offices, and wide area networks (WANs). Once problems are detected by VaaS monitoring, IT is notified and immediate action can then be taken to mitigate the issues. VaaS subject matter experts are able to refine alerting, allowing organizations to consolidate the number and frequency of alerts, reducing them into a single event that cuts down on time-consuming, overwhelming, repetitive alerts. This in turn enables IT to take corrective action more efficiently.

VaaS delivers further value through sharing of best practices on how to set up meaningful reports for executive audiences and incident response teams.

NETSCOUT Is a VaaS Expert

NETSCOUT is a VaaS expert, helping IT organizations to monitor, service triage, and gain critical data insights into business, industry, voice, video, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) application performance issues. NETSCOUT’s unparalleled depth of knowledge allows organizations to get the most use out of their existing service assurance deployments.

One customer, a director of operations for a global healthcare information technology solutions provider, explained it this way: “The insights NETSCOUT provided helped us improve our customer’s experience in delivering patient care.”

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