5G Providers: Is Vendor Harmony at Stake for Enterprises?

5G Providers: Is Vendor Harmony at Stake for Enterprises?
Agnes Mends-Crentsil

Spending on 5G infrastructure globally is projected to grow at 67% CAGR, from $784 million in 2019 to $47.8 billion in 2027. Clearly, companies are jumping aboard the incredible opportunities that areas such as 5G edge and private 5G infrastructures present. But as Bruce Kelley, CTO and SVP of NETSCOUT, Service Provider, points out in a recent Forbes article, 5G edge and enterprise 5G require a much deeper partnership ecosystem across enterprises, service providers, cloud providers, and system integrators in order to succeed.

Leveraging the right partnerships can accelerate revenue growth, quality of service, and better customer experiences.

Conversely, partnerships limited in offerings can lead to missed business opportunities. To take full advantage, companies must understand their unique use cases to ensure alignment and continuous growth with the right partners.

What is the secret sauce that leverages each enterprise ecosystem to ensure the right cooks are in the kitchen?

Enterprises must ensure they have one last key ingredient: the requisite visibility to properly leverage this ecosystem for each enterprise's needs.

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