In an ever-changing network and threat landscape, and an extended attack surface, SecOps teams require integrated solutions that can significantly shorten the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and reduce false positives, so they can migrate workloads to AWS with confidence.  With limited resources, security teams need to decrease MTTR of true positives with high operational efficiency to assure a solid security posture for the enterprise. That is why AWS, Palo Alto Networks and NETSCOUT have come together to combine the power of multiple products into a single, intuitive and fully integrated security solution.


You can simplify and streamline detection and mitigation of threats today and tomorrow.  The integrated solution allows security operators to reduce risk and MTTR by combining network visibility, threat detection, and investigation with centralized enforcement. 

Solution Architecture
NETSCOUT Solution Architecture
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The integrated security solution in AWS is highlighted in the diagram below. It features NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Intelligence feeding both Palo Alto Networks Panorama and VM-Series virtual firewall deployed in AWS as well as AWS Security Hub. This actionable security intelligence, which includes IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) and other security alerts, is leveraged by Palo Alto Networks Panorama and VM-Series virtual next-generation firewall for protecting the network and enforcing corporate security policies.

This integrated security solution enables customers to proactively mitigate security risks, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, enforce Zero Trust policies, and maintain the integrity of their cloud infrastructure, thereby safeguarding sensitive data and supporting customer trust.

With this integrated solution you can accomplish more with less in the SoC,
increase business agility, and streamline implementing a cloud-centric digital first strategy. 

More efficient and effective threat detection with reduced MTTR

Streamlined threat mitigation

Enhance corporate security posture and improve operational efficiencies

Accelerated CI/CD without compromising security 

Secure AWS migration and assure best user experience

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