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Network and Application Performance Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry

NETSCOUT solutions deliver the end-through-end visibility necessary to successfully implement and manage pharmaceutical digital transformation initiatives.

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The financial health of today’s pharmaceutical companies relies in part on their abilities to maintain the safety of intellectual property (IP), comply with government regulations specifying research and manufacturing processes, and preserve brand integrity. But pharma companies cannot succeed in these corporate endeavors without their information technology (IT) teams taking on associated digital transformation projects that help accelerate research & development (R&D) and clinical testing activities, automate manufacturing processes, protect sensitive trial information, and improve sales & marketing efficiency.

IT teams are consistently dealing with attrition and strained resources, making it difficult to focus on these digital transformation challenges as they maintain daily demands of running the network and applications. Network operations teams are working to assure the performance and integrity of ongoing business technology needs associated with data center transformation, network upgrades, application roll-outs, and workload migrations – be they for research, clinical trials, or customer resource management; off the shelf, custom, or software-as-a- service (SaaS).

With these projects involving numerous vendors and technology silos, IT teams need a network and application performance management solution equipped to tackle the strategic and tactical challenges facing their pharma organizations, including R&D, sales & marketing, and manufacturing operations.