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Application and Security Assurance VMware Cloud

It is essential to maintain the performance of applications and services across any cloud environment, including VMware Cloud on AWS.

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The Need for Application Visibility Across the Cloud

Enterprises are seeking new levels of operational efficiency, business process agility, and enhanced security to increase revenue and competitiveness, which in many cases have propelled them to implement transformative digital technologies. VMware Cloud on AWS is one such digital transformation. As you migrate and operate across hybrid cloud environments, your bottom line depends on continuous availability and quality end-user experience; anything less puts your business at risk. What is needed is a service assurance solution that eliminates blind spots and provides a seamless view that will scale across your VMware Cloud on AWS, the ever- expanding hybrid cloud, and legacy environments.

Enterprise organizations have depended on packet-based, application layer-7 visibility for service and security assurance capabilities in their legacy data centers and require the same visibility in their cloud environments. Pinpointing the root cause of disruptions across the hybrid cloud environments can be significantly delayed if IT staff lack economical visibility or are using inefficient point tools, especially across a complex service delivery path.