With one comprehensive solution, NETSCOUT supports more than a thousand applications out of the box for voice, video, and data services with seamless visibility and analytics. Only NETSCOUT provides service assurance and security across any network, any data center, any multi-cloud, 5G, and more.

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The NETSCOUT Advantage


Get visibility across any network, any data center, any multi-cloud, 5G, and more.


With Visibility Without Borders, your platforms are secure from the Edge to your core.


From applications to UC coverage, you can monitor and optimize performance across every aspect of your infrastructure.

The ExtraHop and Riverbed Disadvantage

More Hardware

Others use bulky hardware and require even more boxes for packet capture, monitoring metrics, and more.

Extra Costs

Others sell application models separately and lack solutions for infrastructure health, Wi-Fi, packet brokers, UC support, and visibility.

Greater Complexity

Others cannot monitor a virtualized environment, which means more vendors, which means more work.

See Visibility Without Borders In Action

Explore how a government organization improved end-user experience in wired, wireless, UC, and virtual environments without needing extra hardware.

Learn how a multi-national oil and gas company gained visibility and efficiency without extra costs. 

See how an energy company gained visibility and increased performance across their hybrid cloud environment without extra complexity.

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