Case Study

Multinational Financial Services Corporation Gains Control of their Unified Communications Infrastructure with NETSCOUT

Multinational Financial Services Corporation Gains Control of their Unified Communications Infrastructure


The Challenge
  • Customer was outsourcing verification and troubleshooting of their UC environment
  • Relying on vendors to diagnose problems often resulted in delays and finger pointing
  • They were susceptible to increased security risks due to providing 3rd party access to their production network
The Solution
  • Spectra2 Virtual Edition for IP Communications
  • Implemented on-demand root-cause identification
  • Expanded pre-production lab testing
The Results
  • Reduced time to fix (TTF) UC related issues by 85%
  • Eliminated finger pointing between vendors and network provider
  • Customer controls diagnosis of high priority issues using a secure, stable environment

Customer Profile

This global financial services company, with over $1.5 trillion in assets, offers a wide variety of products and services to commercial and consumer segments.

Wanting to provide customers industry-leading access to services, the company is at the forefront of using Unified Communications to enhance customer experience. Additionally, the company uses Unified Communications to streamline internal business processes and improve response time.

The Challenge

The organization is responsible for a complex voice and video communications deployment. The UC and Call Center applications alone come from four different vendors. The deployment serves multiple locations and is spread across a Hybrid Cloud environment. When issues occurred, the first step in problem resolution was too often finger pointing between the various application and network providers.

Solution in Action

While the organization needed to hold vendors accountable for issues, relying on them to determine a root cause was problematic. First, diagnosis was more time consuming than necessary. Second, supplying the level of network access required to diagnose problems raised security concerns.

In order to address these challenges, the organization turned to NETSCOUT’s Spectra2 solution.


NETSCOUT’s Spectra2 solution helps eliminate the major pain points with next generation communications. For this organization, that means finding the root cause of problems quickly and without the guesswork. Using Spectra2, staff engineers can recreate problem scenarios by generating voice calls that replicate the conditions that resulted in an unexpected call drop, poor voice quality, or a failure to connect. By recreating the transaction that caused a problem, the root cause is rapidly identified.

Test Scenarios

  • Use PCAP captures to re-create problematic call flows
  • Certify equipment and application updates in a pre-production test lab
  • Validate complex, multi-protocol call routing scenarios using scripted test cases
  • Verify call routing across global customer support centers
  • Create real voice and video call scenarios using SIP signaling and RTP media
  • Verify interoperability across multiple vendors in a Hybrid Cloud environment

The Results

  • Identifying Root-Cause Faster
    In some cases, shortening the cycle from 3 days to less than 5 hours - an 85% reduction.
  • Reducing Security Risks
    By identifying problems with staff engineers, 3rd party access to the production environment is greatly reduced.
  • Fixing Problems Before Users Are Impacted
    Targeted test cases uncovered call routing failures and dropped call scenarios in the global call center infrastructure.
  • Gaining Control
    By acting like a small Communications Service Provider (CSP), the organization is more responsive to their internal and external customers.