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What Are Top Concerns When Managing Risk in Cybersecurity?

Managing risk in #cybersecurity hinges upon critical thinking, network security, and increasing levels of scalable visibility. Integrated, advanced Network Detection and Response (#NDR) capabilities are also critical. To this end, NDR can help fill the gaps in existing security solutions. Listen for more details from Chuck Brooks, globally recognized thought leader and evangelist for Cybersecurity. With how intertwined and connected the world is, whether due to the number of devices on a network or remote workforce, managing #CyberRisk is paramount for all businesses. A risk management strategy is a necessity to help protect against #CyberAttacks of all types. A strong cyber risk strategy is rooted in visibility – knowing where all your data is, whether that be on-premise, in the cloud, or elsewhere. You should also have a firm understanding of your network and application traffic, and that visibility solution should be scalable as things grow and change within your network. Integrated, packet-level NDR solutions are also a key component in any cyber risk management strategy. Combining the understanding of what’s in the network with log analysis, endpoint detection, and other actionable data helps security teams better respond to threats. Learn more Omnis Cyber Intelligence, NETSCOUT’s packet-based #NDRPlatform at