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How to Detect and Mitigate a DDoS attack using NETSCOUT Arbor Sightline and TMS

Learn how to detect and mitigate a #DDoSAttack using #NETSCOUT Arbor Sightline and TMS on a large enterprise or service provider network. Here, we demonstrate how #DDoSMitigation can be carried out by first detecting the attack and then automatically beginning mitigation using Arbor TMS. Multi-vector DDoS attacks are threats to all networks. In this example, NETSCOUT shows how Arbor Sightline and TMS can be used to detect and protect against an attack on a server farm. It walks through the identification of DDoS attack methodologies used as well as tailoring the automatic mitigations to provide stronger #DDoSProtection. Automatic DDoS mitigations expedite recovery time and minimize the impact of a DDoS attack. These automated responses, paired with easy processes for human analysis, make Arbor DDoS the most powerful, comprehensive DDoS protection solution on the market. To learn more, visit