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One Smart Question: How to Detect & Mitigate State Exhaustion DDoS Attacks

With State Exhaustion DDoS Attacks back on the rise, #DDoSMitigation is key. With how networks are accessed, largely due to the rise in work from home populations using stateful devices like VPNs, these #DDoSAttacks are increasing in popularity. In fact, they have matched the three year running champion Reflection and Amplification Attacks. DDoS attacks on stateful devices, such as overloaded firewalls or VPN devices, were reported to cause an outage by 83% of respondents to the World Infrastructure Security Report, a 21% increase over previous years. Overloading state tables in even the most advanced stateful devices can lead to outages due to the limited storage in any stateful device. State Exhaustion DDoS Attacks overload these systems by creating too many connections for the devices to track. These attacks try to mimic legitimate traffic, making them difficult to detect with cloud-based #DDoSProtection solutions. What is needed is an always-on, stateless #DDoS mitigation solution that cannot be overwhelmed by this type of attack and is reactive enough to detect and challenge this type of traffic, creating a swift response and mitigation. You cannot afford these outages. State Exhaustion DDoS Attacks will impact your bottom line if you do not have a comprehensive DDoS protection strategy to protect your business-critical services. To learn more, please visit