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Monitoring 5G Networks

5G offers more speed and new technologies that compels Carrier Service Providers (CSP’s) to seek fast and accurate solutions to deliver critical visibility and actionable insights into network scalability, reliability, latency, and troubleshooting for automated decisions.

For 5G deployments, NETSCOUT’s carrier-grade monitoring solution that is designed for the cloud provides end-to-end visibility for any cloud, any network, and any workload; including Cloud, Virtual RAN, Virtual Core, and Edge Computing throughout the 5G life cycle.

CSPs rolling out 5G deployments can confidently integrate our solution across multi-generations of mobile, cloud, and hybrid network technologies to assure rapid response of 5G services for:

RAN Planning and Optimization

Automatically engineer the network for growth and performance

End-to-End Session Analysis

Gain visibility into complex sessions, reduce troubleshooting, and monitor network expansions

Proactive Service Assurance

Apply multi-dimension analysis and collect forensic evidence in near real-time

Big Data and Automated Analytics

Successfully gain business insights and address Return on Investment (ROI)

Propagation Model Calibration

Minimize network enhancement time by leveraging predictive optimization

Relentless end-to-end Visibility Without Borders at every phase, from pre-launch to commercial operations for 5G deployments.

• Provide input data from modeling

• Understand Traffic growth/trends

• Test network design

• Analyze traffic

• Validate configuration

• Validate Customers usage

• Verify network is working properly

• Confirm internal resources

• Manage CEM

• Evaluate ROI

• Optimize System Performance

• Improve KPIs

• Drive Essential ROI with Automation and Analytics

• Build Propagation models

• Analyze density and patterns of Traffic

• Test traffic volume

• Test system readiness for multiple sites

5G News

Frost and Sullivan Award

NETSCOUT is Leading the Network Data Analytics Industry by Delivering Tremendous Value with a Software-first and Smart Data Strategy

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