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How to Leverage Data Across the Entire Organization

They discuss the value of data to communications service providers (CSPs) is not in question. What is unclear, however, is whether they are capable of leveraging it across the entire organization. Indeed, operators have been trying to come to grips with big data and data analytics for the last decade, and lack of a cohesive strategy is arguably the biggest obstacle to them becoming digital service providers (DSPs). For this report we conducted a tightly focused survey of people working in data analytics roles within CSPs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 88% of respondents said they consider the effective use of data across the entire organization essential for their businesses. We explore how CSPs are collecting, storing and using data, and we offer guidance to help operators leverage data to improve customer experience and optimize networks. Which CSP executives are leading data strategies The types of data operators collect and generate – and which are most valuable Where CSPs store data and how it’s accessed What data lakes are and why they’re challenging to manage How effectively CSPs are using data What the biggest barriers are to leveraging data Why data models are important but challenging Why a strategy for data governance is necessary How CSPs can leverage network and operations data How CSPs can use data to improve customer experience