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NETSCOUT Solves Service Dependency Issues in the Cloud

Ray Krug, Solutions Architect at NETSCOUT, sits down with Dave Vellante of theCUBE. Ray explains the power of NETSCOUT when considering the growing complexity in the cloud. NETSCOUT’s Smart Data technology addresses traditional barriers to utilizing wire data by producing patented, elastic metadata at the source and offering practical solutions for large-scale deployment of traffic-based data sources in the multi-cloud. Utilizing this data, IT teams can proactively monitor, assure and secure services whose components may run in different domains, using the same views and workflows whether on-prem, private, or public cloud(s). As digital transformation evolves, Cloud, 5G, and Security are just some of the expanding challenges facing your organization. Now more than ever, you need a view that breaks through the layers of complexity to see problems with more precision, so you can solve them faster. You need Visibility Without Borders™.