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Bruce Kelley

As senior vice president and chief technology officer for NETSCOUT, Bruce Kelley works closely with every facet of the organization, interfacing with all departments from sales to product management to engineering. He plays a lead role in setting the priorities and direction for product and service developments in the service provider business. <br><br> Highly regarded in the technology space as a 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), edge cloud, and automation visionary and expert, Kelley regularly consults with service providers to identify challenges related to network monitoring in order to achieve service and security assurance. He is a staunch advocate of the importance of delivering end-to-end visibility across today’s increasingly complex data center architectures. <br><br> Kelley uses knowledge gleaned over decades to guide how current and next-generation technologies will impact operations and service delivery across the service provider space. He holds more than 40 patents for technology-related innovations.