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Software-Driven Network Packet Brokers Deliver Unmatched Savings—for Active and Passive Monitoring.

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A Better Way to Scale Your Active Security Efforts
Affordable, Scalable Inline Security
De-Risk Inline Security

Inline or Passive Security: Easy to use. Affordable. And scalable to meet your exacting security and network monitoring needs.

Webinar: Evolving Security With Network Packet Brokers
Evolving Packet Broker Security

Discover the latest inline security capabilities of network packet brokers in this deep-dive webinar featuring Gordon Beith, Product Management Director at NETSCOUT.

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Packet Brokers for A Quarter The Price

The same software-driven breakthroughs that revolutionized your data center have unlocked the next step in the evolution of network packet brokers.

Advanced Visibility
Is Here

Discover why a software-driven approach to advanced packet conditioning has opened a path to pervasive network visibility that's easier and drastically more cost-effective than it has ever been before.

PFX Redefines

Analyst Jim Metzler, of Ashton, Metzler & Associates, investigates how NETSCOUT's PFX software has redefined the traditional expectations of the cost and effort associated with great network visibility.

Software Changes

Is NETSCOUT really disrupting packet brokers? Analyst Jim Metzler asks the three key questions that determine the true impact this new generation of packet brokers will have on your network.

The Power of
Open Compute

Read how software is enabling a new generation of packet brokers that are effortlessly scalable and capable of delivering core functionality at a quarter of the price of traditional hardware-based solutions.

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Traditional Versus Open Compute Monitoring Fabrics: A Cost Analysis

Software disaggregation with open networking has given rise to a new generation of network packet brokers. More flexible in deployment and effortlessly-scalable than traditional solutions, these packet brokers deliver the core capabilities you need at a fraction of the price you'd expect.

Find out just how much you'll save with software-driven packet brokers in this latest report from IHS Markit.

Traditional Versus Open Compute Monitoring Fabrics
The Analysts Agree. Software Changes Everything
Frost & Sullivan, Visionary Innovation Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan,Visionary Innovation Leadership Award

"Customers no longer have to wait for new hardware to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology available."

Stephen Collins, ACG Research

Stephen Collins,
ACG Research

"Customers get a greater degree of choice and flexibility in terms of the platforms they purchase, how they purchase them, and who they buy them from."

Dr. Jim Metzler, Ashton, Metzler & Associates

Dr. Jim Metzler,
Ashton, Metzler & Associates

"Given the growing criticality and difficulty of providing effective and efficient pervasive visibility, it's time for a disruption in the packet broker market. NETSCOUT's nGenius PFS 5000 creates such a disruption."

Software-Driven Solutions
nGenius 5000 Series Packet Flow Switch
nGenius 5000 Series Packet Flow Switch

The nGenius Packet Flow Switch (PFS) 5000 series operate at speeds from 1Gbps to 100Gbps, providing core packet broker functionality, such as filtering, load balancing, aggregation, and replication, wherever packet broker ports are needed. Specifically, the nGenius PFS 5000 series operates stand alone, like any other PFS switch in the portfolio, in remote sites where the small 1 Rackmount Unit (RU) form factor is ideal.

nGenius Packet Flow EXtender Software
nGenius Packet Flow eXtender Software

The nGenius Packet Flow eXtender (PFX) is a software application enabling expert packet conditioning for service assurance and cybersecurity monitoring. The solution is built on the NETSCOUT InfiniStreamNG™ platform and framework leveraging patented technologies. As part of the nGenius Packet Flow System (PFS) portfolio, PFX integrates with NETSCOUT's broad set of packet broker products to enable expert-level capabilities, such as NetFlow generation and IP tunnel termination.