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Solving SIP Trunking Issues with Visibility and Actionable Intelligence

Companies have invested heavily into SIP Trunking to reduce costs and add flexibility as their bandwidth needs have increased exponentially.

Visibility and Management of SIP Trunking

SIP has broad applicability in enabling voice and video connectivity and instant messaging across the IP-based Internet.

The protocol enables better interoperability among vendors, easier application development, and more straightforward operation through firewalls.

NETSCOUT provides visibility into call signaling and media protocol issues from an end-user perspective that includes: Registration with SIP Trunk service provider, call setup, teardown latencies and response times; SIP Trunk interoperability issues; SBC load balancing problems; SBC failures; the number of failures and error codes; and WAN capacity management issues.

We help IT teams quickly triage SIP Trunking issues and rapidly resolve SIP Trunking service delivery problems.

Managing the Delivery of UC&C Services in SIP Trunking Environments

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Online Mortgage Broker migrates to a SIP Trunking service to lower costs but experiences severe quality issues and turns to NETSCOUT to provide visibility into the SIP Trunk to rapidly pinpoint the source of performance problems.

Manufacturer trusts NETSCOUT as they migrated to new SIP Trunking technologies to provide greater visibility and pre-built SIP workflows to accelerate issue identification in a single solution for faster resolution.

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