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Smart City Transforms 3-1-1 Services with NETSCOUT

This U.S. City enjoyed widespread media coverage for instituting a model “Smart City” program that embraces digital transformation. The City’s Strategic IT Plan targets 3-1-1 Call Center improvement metrics and increased use of “smart” platforms to handle non-emergency service requests. In one project, the City‘s Mayor empowered the IT department to enhance availability and performance the 3-1-1 digital platforms available for citizens to request non-emergency services. With NETSCOUT, the City’s Call Center reduced 3-1-1 wait times for citizens and decreased instances of drop calls. In addition, City residents now use the 3-1-1 Web portal and mobile applications to initiate 20 percent of overall “clean-up” service requests, a significant improvement on earlier Web/mobile service initiation rates. With the revitalized 3-1-1 program, the City’s citizen outreach is improved, and residents are better served.