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A DDoS Service for Multi-layered Protection – From the enterprise network to the cloud. A complete anti-DDoS program for your business.

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NETSCOUT provides the industry's most comprehensive suite of DDoS attack protection products and services for the Enterprise, Cloud / Hosting, and Service Provider markets.

Whether it is fully managed DDoS protection services; virtual, in-cloud or on-premise DDoS mitigation appliances; or embedded DDoS solutions within existing Cisco ASR 9000 routers, Arbor has the deployment model, scalability, and pricing flexibility to meet the DDoS protection needs of any organization operating online today.

DDoS Script for attack detection

What Enterprise IT Teams Need for DDoS Protection

Businesses have never been more connected and dependent on the availability of websites and online services.

At a time when availability has never been more important, a DDoS attack has never been more innovative, dynamic or consequential. It won’t come as any surprise to security professionals that the modern DDoS attack is increasing in sophistication, scale, and frequency.

So what changed? We’ve seen a renaissance in DDoS attack tools and techniques that has led to tremendous innovation. The barrier to entry has been obliterated by new tools that enable anyone with an Internet connection and a grievance to launch a DDoS attack. This is a true game changer in terms of the threat landscape and what businesses should consider themselves a potential target of attack. It used to be certain verticals would be likely targets for a DDoS attack; finance, gaming, and e-commerce at the top of the list. Today, any business, for any reason, any real or perceived offense or affiliation, can become a target of a DDoS attack.

Beyond the democratization of DDoS are the advancements in attack techniques and targets. A DDoS attack today is in fact a series of attacks that target not just connection bandwidth, but multiple devices that make up your existing security infrastructure, such as Firewall/IPS devices, as well as a wide variety of applications that the business relies on, like HTTP, HTTPS, VoIP, DNS and SMTP.

DDoS attacks will generally fall into one of three categories:

Volumetric DDoS Attacks

This type of DDoS attack is an attempt to consume the bandwidth either within the target network/service, or between the target network/service and the rest of the Internet.

TCP State-Exhaustion DDoS Attacks

This type of DDoS attack attempts to consume the connection state tables which are present in many infrastructure components such as load-balancers, firewalls, and the application servers themselves.

Application Layer DDoS Attacks

This is the most deadly kind of DDoS attack. It can be very effective with as few as one attacking machine generating a low traffic rate (this makes these attacks very difficult to proactively detect and mitigate).



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U.S. University Detects and Prevents DDoS Attacks with Arbor Solution

University Benefits from Multi-Level DDoS Protection with Cloud and On-Premises Solution

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Xtel Communications

With Arbor Sightline and Arbor Threat Mitigation System in Xtel’ s environment, the network operation center is able to respond to events in less time with greater precision.

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DDoS Mitigation Case Study - the Extra Mile

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Infographic - DDoS Attack Types Across Network Layers of the OSI Model

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack attempts to deny a user access to a network resource or service. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack originates from multiple sources, making it far more difficult to defend. Here, a range of attack types are mapped against the layers in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.

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Infographic - Nowhere to Hide (from Annual Security Report Findings)

For the past three years, we have highlighted a significant increase in the scale and frequency of volumetric attacks around the world. With theemergence of Mirai and other IoT botnets, the problem is only getting worse.

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Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection

Comprehensive, automated protection from modern-day DDoS attacks.

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NETSCOUT AED (Arbor Edge Defense)

NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense is an inline security appliance deployed at the network perimeter that can automatically detect and block inbound threats and outbound malicious communication using highly scalable, stateless technology and unique, global threat intelligence.

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NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense

First and Last Line of Smart, Automated Perimeter Defense.

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Arbor Managed DDoS Protection Services for Enterprises

Not only do we produce the world’s best DDoS attack protection products; we also use them to deliver high quality, managed DDoS attack protection services on a worldwide basis. These fully managed, industry recognized services can include an intelligently automated combination of in-cloud and on-premise protection; backed 24x7 by worldwide DDoS attack mitigation experts and continuous threat intelligence.

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DDoS Attack Protection Solutions

To stop modern-day DDoS attacks, NETSCOUT offers a comprehensive portfolio of fully integrated, incloud and on-premise DDoS protection products and services; all backed by continuous global threat intelligence.

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How to Analyze and Reduce the Risk of DDoS Attacks

Using risk methodology called FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) and a fictitious $50M/year e-commerce scenario, this paper is designed to help you re-assess your risk of the modern-day DDoS attack.

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The New Business Imperative for DDoS

The modern enterprise is dependent upon connectivity at every level. Every business initiative, whether driven by sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance, R&D or HR, is dependent upon reliable network availability and continuity. Disrupting that continuity is what Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are all about.

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2017 Global DDoS Mitigation Products (Frost & Sullivan)

Since its founding in 2000, Arbor has established itself as the definitive market leader in DDoS mitigation products, as confirmed by its 61% market share in the DDoS mitigation products market in 2016.

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Digital Attack Map – Showing Real-time DDoS Attacks Around the World

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DDoS Assessment – Determine Your DDoS Attack Readiness

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