Grow Your Business with Scalable, Flexible Remote Visibility Solutions from NETSCOUT

Assure performance and user experience while meeting compliance and budgetary needs.

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Every organization strives to grow its business operations and sustain that growth long-term. But with growth also comes a series of challenges for IT teams overseeing a complex infrastructure—one of the most common being the management of performance monitoring vendors and tools.

It can be costly to maintain a widespread system of technologies. Not only does the organization need to pay for the performance management technology itself, but it also must budget for resources to manage the solutions in play. Additionally, a multitude of performance monitoring tools can increase confusion and cause friction for users, leading to an influx of help desk tickets that consume the bandwidth of IT teams.

Each of these examples highlights the importance of investing in a holistic, vendor-agnostic performance management solution. But can that one solution grow with the business as it evolves? Can it scale—in every sense of the word—both to the largest data centers in headquarters and also to the smaller remote offices with fewer than 50 employees? And even if it can, at what cost? Will the business be able to budget for instrumentation throughout its entire infrastructure?

The Cost of Downtime

The Uptime Institute’s 2023 outage report released in 2024 revealed that more than half of respondents were experiencing outages with associated costs of $100,000 or more, with 16 percent of respondents saying their most recent outage cost more than $1 million. This annual report provides insight that consistently highlights the value of packet-based monitoring and continuous testing. Proactive network and application performance management using early-warning capabilities and precise troubleshooting to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) can help dramatically decrease the duration of outages—or even prevent them altogether. At remote sites where achieving visibility can be challenging, scalable deep packet inspection (DPI) and cost-effective instrumentation options help meet unique business needs.

Compliance and Observability at Remote Sites

Not only can outages be costly because of downtime and lost productivity, but they also can lead to regulatory compliance issues resulting in fines. In manufacturing environments, for example, a remote plant, supervisory control, and data acquisition (SCADA) reporting requirements are strict to ensure standards of control are met throughout industrial processes. Network and application performance outages can disrupt reporting and result in significant monetary penalties. Regardless of the remote site format—from manufacturing plants to hospital wings to bank branches and more—observability is essential to assure performance and, in many cases, meet regulatory requirements. By uniquely combining packet-based monitoring with synthetic testing capabilities, organizations can assure reliable network and application performance, quality user experiences, and uniform compliance across remote locations.

Extending Instrumentation with NETSCOUT’s Remote Visibility Solutions

Although it may seem daunting, implementing instrumentation in your remote offices to increase visibility can be a seamless and affordable process with the right investment. NETSCOUT’s nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solutions offer flexible DPI at scale and flexible instrumentation options for remote offices—from small sales and support offices to large factory plants and even hospitals requiring more substantial coverage. This presents businesses with a cost-effective method for extending observability to dispersed remote sites where IT resources may not be present. Even when users are inactive, NETSCOUT solutions can perform synthetic tests to ensure user experience quality.

Combining these configurable synthetic tests with packet-based monitoring enables IT teams to continuously monitor network and application performance to ensure optimal connectivity at essential business edges. With comprehensive end-through-end visibility, organizations can eliminate blind spots in their infrastructure to avoid outages and performance disruptions that negatively impact the bottom line.

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