Defending against DDoS Attacks ... Learn more at ENGAGE 20

Learn how to defend against DDoS Attacks

Today’s reality of remote work and social distancing makes the work of defending against DDoS attacks more critical than ever before. Communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises know business continuity depends on their ability to provide website and online service availability—but at the same time, cyber criminals have ramped up attacks in response.

During ENGAGE 20, NETSCOUT’s annual user conference, participants will learn how the Arbor smart visibility portfolio can provide them with the tools they need to protect their networks. Conducted as a virtual event, ENGAGE 20 commences with keynotes and sessions on April 28-29, followed by virtual boot camps on April 30 and May 4-5.

As part of the DDoS breakout sessions, participants will learn more about:

The Innovation Journey from DDoS to Smart DDoS. Discover how the use of Smart Data provides more in-depth insights into services used, as well as the ability to detect a broader range of application-layer threats to enable a new breed of visibility and security value-added services.

Real-time Visibility and Advanced DDoS Protection. Review and discuss the enhanced visibility, detection, and mitigation provided by Arbor Smart DDoS with the addition of Layer-7 enrichment.

Leveraging Big Data Analytics. CSPs and network operators need to rethink how they monitor their networks. Learn how analytics can discover and traffic engineer the OTT services customers are using and how to ensure high-quality access to the cloud.

Deploying Arbor Smart Visibility and Smart DDoS Mitigation on Enterprise Backbones. The most effective DDoS mitigation architectures utilize both on-premises and cloud-based mitigation capabilities. NETSCOUT experts will join with a customer to discuss how to properly design, coordinate, operate, and automate hybrid mitigations. 

Understanding the Current Threat Landscape. Every organization needs to understand the current threat landscape to identify the correct security posture and ensure they have adequate protections and countermeasures in place for the expansive battery of attack vectors. Participants will receive a deep-dive into regions, verticals, and new reflection/amplifications vectors.

Arbor Edge Defense Managed Services for Enterprises. Understand how the managed services available through Arbor can help enterprise teams protect corporate perimeter availability through expert implementation, provisioning, and day-to-day maintenance.

Using Arbor Cloud for DDoS Protection. Through this interactive session with key members of the Arbor Cloud team (SOC director, SOC specialist, Architect, PM, and GM), participants will discuss how the service operations and customers engage with NETSCOUT to deliver their service.

We look forward to engaging with you online! To register and sign-up for specific breakout sessions, please visit the ENGAGE 20 website