Virtual ENGAGE 20: Insights and Solutions to Help Enterprises Deliver Top Performance

Virtual ENGAGE 20

During these unprecedented times, enterprise IT teams are being asked to work even harder to make sure that remote workers can connect to critical applications and collaborate with their colleagues. Corporate networks are being strained like never before, while cybercriminals ramp up activity in response. IT administrators are leading the charge to ensure business continuity.

ENGAGE 20, NETSCOUT’s annual user conference, will provide timely insights and educational opportunities to support IT teams managing current challenges while planning for the future. Being conducted as a virtual event, ENGAGE 20 commences with keynotes and sessions on April 28-29, followed by virtual Boot Camps on April 30 and May 4-5.

For enterprise customers, NETSCOUT will showcase the importance of our Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology in helping connected enterprises gain visibility into service performance problems while delivering innovative business services and the highest quality user experience.
On the security side, customers will learn more about how the ever-changing threat landscape and market dynamics are challenging large enterprises and hear how NETSCOUT is addressing these threats with innovative approaches and solutions.

ENGAGE 20 participants will find value in multiple technology breakout sessions, including:

Protecting the experience and productivity of employees working remotely. COVID-19 has elevated issues associated with remote working like never before. This session will explore how enterprises can turn this fragile and vulnerable infrastructure—originally designed for lighter use—into a high quality and consistent user experience.

Defending your new perimeter from next-generation DDOS attacks. Network availability, security, and application infrastructures are critical to maintaining business continuity. One of the biggest threats to business continuity is a DDoS attack. As part of this breakout session, participants will gain insight into the evolution of DDoS attacks, including examples of how they target on-premises devices such as VPN gateways, firewalls, and application servers.

Regain visibility and control of your voice, video, and collaboration tools. Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) is a complex set of interconnected components distributed from wherever the users located. These components connect through multiple servers, services, and networks. This session explores how NETSCOUT technology can help provide the visibility needed to quickly get to the root cause of issues before they become a problem.

Data center transformation: Extending visibility into on-premises and off-premises hybrid cloud environments. Technologies such as Cisco ACI®, VMware NSX®, and public clouds such as AWS®, Microsoft Azure®, and Google Cloud Platform®, bring benefits to the modern data center. However, they also introduce complexities and new boundaries for data center architecture that make it challenging to locate a network or application performance problem. Learn more during this session about how NETSCOUT can provide visibility into the complexities of a hybrid data center.

Extending visibility to the new network edge. The edge of the network, the point at which business user connects to the enterprise, has expanded from the wired to the wireless domain, from hardware to a virtual domain, and from on-prem to the cloud. Business users move freely and frequently inside and outside the walls of the enterprise and expect the same level of access no matter where they are. The new enterprise has no borders. Attend this session to learn how to get crucial insight into the business user-experience.

Advanced packet broker technology for the transforming data center. Bad actors hijack weaker encryption or piggyback on legitimate SSL sessions. NetOps and SecOps teams need greater visibility into events happening across different systems and domains. Join us to learn about our new packet broker product suite consisting of Packet Flow Switch 7000 Series, which addresses the growing need for simplified data center security management.

Visibility without borders as a managed service. Even with the best tools and solutions, managing and monitoring an entire network can prove complicated and often overwhelming. Having expert resources who can establish and fine-tune alerting thresholds for optimal performance and provide actionable insight when performance issues arise can be a lifesaver for many IT organizations. Discover how our nGenius Visibility-as-a-Service has enabled customers to proactively monitor their IT environment, deliver actionable insights to their most complex problems, and integrate into their team workflows and executive reporting.

Business continuity through digital transformation: What's new in nGeniusONE. Are you being asked to manage more applications across multiple delivery platforms, yet still being expected to meet the same performance objectives? This session will outline recent advances in the nGeniusONE solution to support your operation needs in today’s rapidly changing environments.

We look forward to engaging with you online! To register and sign up for specific breakout sessions, please visit the ENGAGE 20 website.