nGenius Packet Flow eXtender Software

Expert Packet Conditioning

Expert Packet Conditioning for Scalable Visibility Network

Packet Flow eXtender (PFX) is a software application enabling expert packet conditioning 
for service assurance and cybersecurity monitoring. The solution is built on the NETSCOUT InfiniStreamNG™ platform and framework leveraging patented technologies. As part of the nGenius Packet Flow System (PFS) portfolio, PFX integrates with NETSCOUT’s broad set of packet broker products to enable expert-level capabilities, such as NetFlow generation and IP tunnel termination.

Effortless Scalability

The PFX application runs on multiple InfiniStreamNG appliances and on several x86 server platforms, providing scalability on demand in a cost-effective manner. PFX connects to any type of network through TAP and SPAN ports, including IP tunneled connections for expert packet conditioning before forwarding desired traffic to the tool farms. PFX easily interconnects with a multitude of other PFS products from NETSCOUT or even with third-party packet brokers to form the desired solution configuration.

Flexibility and Choice

While organizations benefit from end-to-end visibility for the entire network, the challenge is to find a right-sized system that meets the needs at a particular location in the network. PFX offers a range of appliances and software options suitable for deploying in multiple topologies for different size installations from small to large enterprise and service provider data centers. To solve scalability and monitoring needs of very large environments, multiple PFX systems can be deployed to provide virtually unlimited scalability.

Built on InfiniStreamNG Platform

InfiniStreamNG a real-time packet analysis platform that provides the foundation for PFX. It provides a high-performance, scalable engine for expert packet conditioning and manipulation. With InfiniStreamNG as its foundation, PFX delivers the performance and scaling capabilities needed to process network traffic generated by millions of users using hundreds of applications. It delivers feature velocity and agility, independent of the underlying hardware platform. The common architecture across all InfiniStreamNG applications also means short learning cycles for IT personnel and operational efficiency.

PFX highlights:
  • Supports visibility deployments for cybersecurity and service assurance 

  • Built on InfiniStreamNG platform and architecture framework 

  • Investment protection and reduced TCO 

  • Flexibility with hardware and software options 

  • Add-on to any NETSCOUT® Packet Flow System (PFS) or third-party network packet broker 

Products You Can Trust

Let us show you how nGenius PFS Management software delivers an intuitive, drag-and-drop, end-to-end solution that eases configuration, administration and provisioning to achieve your traffic acquisition and distribution objectives.

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nGenius Packet Flow eXtender Software

Packet Flow eXtender (PFX) is a software application enabling expert packet conditioning for service assurance and cybersecurity monitoring.

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InfiniStreamNG 2300 Appliance

Packet Flow eXtender (PFX) is a software application enabling expert packet conditioning for service assurance and cybersecurity monitoring. The solution is built on the InfiniStreamNG 2300 platform and framework.

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Five Reasons for Advanced Packet Conditioning Functions

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Packet Flow eXtender (PFX)

Updated for advanced packet conditioning for free with NETSCOUT ISNG-based Packet Flow eXtender software

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