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Nabbing Performance Suspects in AWS Cloud-Based Apps Through Visibility

You don’t have to be an expert performance engineering sleuth to notice when a site or app you are using seems ‘out of breath.’ The delay may cost you a few extra seconds of load time after a click, or it may manifest itself as the endlessly spinning ‘disk of death.’

The causes of these interruptions may seem a mystery, but the results are well known. In a retail setting, users can start to lose enthusiasm and abandon their carts within 2-5 seconds of lag time. For a banking or insurance company, a compromised network can be a board level issue. And if your company uses SaaS or cloud-based software for work, you will definitely experience work delays and missed deadlines due to a procrastinating business system.

Jason “JE” English  Jason “JE” English
is Principal Analyst and CMO at Intellyx. Drawing on expertise in designing, marketing and selling enterprise software and services, he is focused on covering how agile collaboration between customers, partners and employees accelerates innovation.

Companies undergoing a digital transformation increasingly move parts of their applications and data to a hybrid IT infrastructure, which includes cloud services like AWS, to gain the benefits of elastic scaling and dynamic flexibility. But that doesn’t address several mysterious performance and security problems.

Let’s investigate and find out what clues we can track with greater visibility.

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