By forcing enterprises to send employees home, the pandemic made enterprises rethink how they interact with their customers – and accelerated digital transformation. But the new, distributed networks are breaking-up the visibility of networks, masking potential avenues for attack. The new way of working is here to stay, and NETSCOUT offers the visibility and analytics needed to secure it.

Your Network Is Your Business – Secure It

The home office is here to stay, and your infrastructure remains over-stretched – fragmenting your view of your network. But a secure business now requires complete, clear visibility.

NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report 2H 2020

Last year, DDoS attacks surged to an all-time high. Discover how the pandemic was the catalyst for unprecedented attack activity, and the marker for network security changes.

EMEA Threat Landscape for FY22

Last year, the world changed, and DDoS attacks surged. But as changes become permanent, companies must find network security solutions that match the new way of working.

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