VPN Smart Visibility

On an average day, companies worldwide depend on their Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for remote employees like sales, customer service reps, field technicians, and others, to connect back to corporate data centers to access business applications to perform their jobs.

The importance of availability and performance of VPNs for all these remote users has never been more essential. Disruptions in access or slowdowns in response times puts much at risk - revenue and sales opportunities, accurate and thorough customer support, as well as the safe, accurate and swift completion of repairs.

Assure VPN Performance and Availability for Remote Users

Delays and unavailability are the last things you want your employees around the world having to deal with accessing your business applications. NETSCOUT has solutions to help ensure end user access to corporate resources over the VPN – whether its performance from the end user perspective, network and application performance over the VPN, or a DDoS attack that could block availability of your VPN – NETSCOUT has the right visibility to get to the root of the problem.

ngenius service dashboard
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