Smart Data Fueled Solutions

Our ability to distill real-time, precise intelligence from the noise of traffic sets us apart. While we live in a data-driven world, most companies struggle to extract the full value from their data. Technology teams collect and comb through large amounts of disparate sources of data, with limited ability to automate and obtain visibility into the data they require.

NETSCOUT Smart Data technologies include:

  • Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) transforms wire data into real time, condensed user performance metrics and threat awareness indicators, without losing the ability to dig into the details

  • Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS) monitors and gathers real time telemetry on one-third of Internet traffic. ATLAS Intelligence connects global attack campaigns on the broader Internet with confirmed threat activity on the internal communications on your organization.


Smart Data Platform

Our Smart Data platform democratizes the pervasive visibility and acquisition of wire data across physical, virtual, and public cloud environments, automatically preparing and organizing this data, at the source, in real time.

NETSCOUT Smart Data provides continuous, uniform visibility and automates the precise identification of risk and performance status across all connected services and their interactions – from the network edge and across all services, allowing IT and network teams to deliver the most superior user experience.


It is increasingly difficult to sift through, and make sense of the traffic that connects digital services, due to the sheer quantity and fidelity of noise. Smart Data technology, distills real-time, precise, and relevant intelligence from all connected services and their interactions.

NETSCOUT Smart Data fuels our entire suite of solutions, providing the visibility and analytics to protect and assure the user experience in our connected world. Such clarity of perspective is essential in a world where network, application, IT and security teams must all operate on complementary paths.

We forge the intelligence and deliver protection to achieve application and service performance, provide an unmatched user experience, and find and fix advanced cyber and DDoS threats.

Our Smart Data-fueled solutions accelerate:

  • Service Providers with nGeniusONE and Business Analytics
    • Deployment and monitoring virtual networks, fast and effectively
    • Use real-time data to support business initiatives
  • Enterprise IT with nGeniusONE
    • Roll out new cloud applications and successful cloud migration strategies
    • Continuously deliver vital high-quality applications and services
  • Security Operations and Architects with nGeniusONE and Packet Flow System (PFS) Security Visibility
    • Defeat critical security threats
    • Create scalable security architectures for cyber-threat analytics
  • DDoS Defense with Arbor Cyber Threat and DDoS Protection
    • Protect and secure digital business from complex cyber threats and DDoS attacks
    • Deliver best-in-class DDoS services