What Is MITRE ATT&CK Discovery (TA0007)?

Understanding the MITRE ATT&CK framework is imperative for cybersecurity professionals. This knowledge base contains valuable insights into the tactics and actions cyber adversaries leverage to carry out their plans and achieve their objectives.

MITRE ATT&CK Discovery (TA0007) is the process where adversaries, after gaining a foothold in an environment, seek to learn more about that system and the broader environment. This tactic is crucial as it provides attackers with the knowledge they need to further their operations, whether that’s escalating privileges, moving laterally, or extracting valuable information.

Common Techniques Associated with Discovery

  • System Information Discovery (T1016): Adversaries gather details about the operating system and its configuration.
  • Network Service Scanning (T1082): Attackers scan for open ports and services to identify potential attack vectors.
  • Remote System Discovery (T1018): Identifying remote systems, possibly to target them later for movement or data extraction.
  • Security Software Discovery (T1063): Detecting what security software is present, potentially to avoid it or figure out ways to disable or bypass it.
  • System Service Discovery (T1007): Identifying what services are running, which can give clues about the machine’s role or potential vulnerabilities.
  • Account Discovery (T1087): Finding accounts, especially those with elevated privileges, can help adversaries escalate privileges or move laterally.

Why is the Discovery Tactic Important?

  • Use Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): By monitoring network traffic, an IDS can detect potential scanning and reconnaissance activities.
  • Implement Least Privilege: Ensure users and applications only have the minimum required access rights, making it harder for adversaries to discover valuable targets.
  • Regularly Audit and Monitor System Logs: By keeping a keen eye on logs, unusual activity that might be an adversary performing discovery can be detected.

The Discovery tactic is a pivotal phase in many cyber-attacks. By understanding this tactic and its associated techniques, organizations can better prepare their defenses and detect potential threats.


Omnis Cyber Intelligence (OCI) is able to identify when adversaries are scanning various areas of your network to gain additional knowledge. This knowledge can be used to gain various advantages, such as understanding what they can control to expand their reach into the network infrastructure. Knowing when these activities are taking place gives enterprises an advantage in mitigating the damage from cyber-attacks and ousting adversaries from their networks.