Improve Customer Experience

The aviation industry relies heavily on a complex network to provide exceptional customer & employee experience. Passengers, agents, and pilots require access to information immediately or risk missing flights, bookings, or on-time travels. Failure to meet these expectations can quickly lead to confusion, flight delays, negative attention on social media, and even financial consequences for the airline.

NETSCOUT is helping airlines and airports assure their digital services with scalable insights across any infrastructure - private, public, and multi-cloud environments – and with unique, comprehensive analysis from passive and active monitoring technology.


  • Visibility into applications like ticketing, check-in, baggage handling, flight manifests, crew scheduling, and rewards programs
  • Customer experience assurance with contact centers, portals & mobile apps

Airline Stakeholders

Customers, Agents & Staff, and Flight Crews

The NETSCOUT solution provides visibility into the performance of components necessary for service delivery across the entire airline/airport experience.

Airline Stakeholders
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Aviation Focal Areas

Application Performance

NETSCOUT provides critical visibility to individual applications supporting airline services and business, including voice, video, email, and business applications for quality customer engagements.

Network Performance

Complex, global, multivendor networks, with data centers, contact centers, co-lo’s and hybrid cloud environments require visibility without borders.

Aviation Security and Availability

Intelligent, automated, hybrid DDoS defense from NETSCOUT protects airlines and airport environments. 

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