Problems in the RAN contribute to churn

As mobile technologies progress, more and more intelligence is moving out of the core to the edge and RAN. With smarter devices and more complex signaling, the radio access network (RAN) now plays a major part in supporting and adequately serving your subscribers. NETSCOUT’s RAN solution allows our customers to get to the root cause visibility of why and where VoLTE and video issues happen. There is a growing need to understand this domain, resolve problems and reduce the risk of widespread, debilitating churn. No matter how well the core network is performing, the RAN can cause significant Quality of Experience (QOE) problems for your subscribers, erode profits, and chip away at your brand. The introduction of VoLTE services only magnifies the problems, due to inherently higher voice quality expectations by subscribers, lower latency tolerance, and additional signaling overhead.

Accurate, cost-effective trace port collection extends visibility to the RAN allowing full end-to-end analysis

RAN visibility

Many carriers rely on equipment vendor counters and core network monitoring systems to gauge and maintain performance of the RAN. Unfortunately, counters and disjointed KPIs can misrepresent the subscriber experience, and without visibility to the actual radio network signaling associated with handovers, capacity, interference, RF link coverage, and cell site construction errors such as cross-feeder errors resolving issues often results in a costly backlog of trouble tickets. You need accurate, cost-effective troubleshooting tools with vendor-independent trace port collection to extend your visibility.

NETSCOUT solutions deliver value and protect the subscriber experience

Featuring a simplified and actionable view for RAN analysis, optimization, RF troubleshooting and planning teams, NETSCOUT’s RAN solutions deliver the 24x7 real-time visibility needed to reduce your reliance on drive testing and improve your engineering and small cell planning efficiency, while protecting and profiting from an elevated subscriber experience.  Our powerful geoanalytics platform helps you accurately measure performance and effectively pinpoints subscriber-affecting issues across 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, and 5G networks for mobility, data, and VoLTE services.

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NETSCOUT’s RAN solutions:

  • Provide the 24x7 real-time visibility needed to effectively troubleshoot RAN issues

  • Reduce overall troubleshooting costs and the need for drive testing

  • Use geoanalytics to monitor RAN performance to detect and determine root cause of subscribers issues

  • Feed your data lake with valuable geolocated RAN signaling for manual or AI analysis

  • Feed your geomarketing tools with smart ASI RAN data


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Real-time RAN data drives new technologies, improves network performance, and optimizes customer experience.

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Drive testing is expensive and time consuming. Depending on network loading and user activity, it can also be non-repeatable.

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The New Mobile Reality

Mobile carriers are facing the daunting task of upgrading and adding 5G technology to their networks along with new, dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) networks by utilizing virtualization and cloud technology to fundamentally change their cost structure and increase the velocity of service delivery. All these moves increase the complexity of the network and services they deliver.

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The Geoanalytics Advantage

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