According to Comscore Media, between May 2019 and May 2020, unique visitors to Microsoft Teams grew by 943 percent as users became ever more dependent on the collaboration service. From business meetings to telehealth sessions to faculty meetings, this platform is the new reality for many people conducting business and servicing clients following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Depending on network configurations, enterprise IT organizations may find Microsoft Teams traffic across their ISP/VPN links. IT organizations are tracking the change in traffic volume this can create as part of their capacity planning process and strategy for bandwidth changes. This is helpful not just for managing the budget for their expensive WAN bandwidth but also for ensuring the combined application utilization here does not create a bottleneck—for Microsoft Teams or any other application. Non-Microsoft Teams application activity across this part of the enterprise network can also impact the performance quality experienced by Microsoft Teams participants, particularly if misconfiguration service-tag quality occurs.

Learn how NETSCOUT’s approach to end-user experience, application performance, and service assurance monitoring, built on a foundation of high-quality data and real-time analytics, is uniquely designed to ensure services such as Microsoft Teams are available and operating efficiently.

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Haggerty is associate vice president, product and solutions marketing, NETSCOUT

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