Is IT Troubleshooting and Maintenance Sapping All Your Time?

Outsourcing mundane day-to-day IT responsibilities can free up professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Is IT Troubleshooting and Maintenance Sapping All Your Time?
Tracy Steele

Ask any IT team, and they’ll tell you they have their hands full. Troubleshooting and maintenance responsibilities tend to suck up just about every minute of IT’s time, leaving little bandwidth for pursuing critically important corporate initiatives. A recent study found that 42 percent of IT professionals spent too much time troubleshooting the network, and that 43 percent struggled to find time to work on strategic business initiatives.

Another report found that “59 percent of IT pros were frustrated by the time spent on routine infrastructure activities and 84 percent agreed that they could bring more value to their organization if they spent less time on routine tasks.”

Because IT teams tend to be reactive to network problems, they are then unable to fully focus on digital transformation initiatives, data center conversions, and other revenue-benefiting projects. This is where NETSCOUT Visibility as a Service (VaaS) presents a distinct advantage for IT.

Reducing Burden on IT Staff

A round-the-clock, proactive-monitoring managed service offers IT a “hands free” way to monitor, service triage, and gain critical data insights into business, industry, voice, video, and software-as-as-service (SaaS) application performance issues. VaaS can enable IT to more easily manage complex, multivendor network environments, including private data centers, co-locations, public cloud, remote offices, and wide-area networks (WANs).

NETSCOUT VaaS is an ideal way to reduce the burden on IT staff, offloading some of the more mundane responsibilities of managing and monitoring an organization’s infrastructure. Relieving IT professionals of these day-in and day-out troubleshooting responsibilities frees them to focus on more strategic tasks, while still being available to step in when there’s an exception or an accelerated tier-three type of problem that requires their immediate attention 

IT Focus on Strategic Initiatives

When IT teams are unburdened of the constant pressure to monitor and troubleshoot, they are able to redirect time and resources to value-added projects for the business. Such projects might include implementing digital transformation efforts to speed order processing, or launching new business applications that drive efficiency and reach new audiences that can grow revenue. Another example might be IT focusing on the development of mobile applications that support sales or improve internal operations. In short, the possibilities VaaS can deliver, enabling IT to support new technology initiatives that create a competitive advantage for the business, are endless. 

Another benefit of VaaS, and its ability to reduce the strain IT faces in dealing with myriad problems and constant complaints, is the impact on IT professionals themselves. By freeing them up, VaaS enables these pros to do rewarding work on new projects, rather than the drudgery of continuous troubleshooting. As a result, job satisfaction tends to go up and employee turnover goes down.

VaaS Expertise from the Monitoring Experts

NETSCOUT’s VaaS solution can help cut mean time to knowledge (MTTK) and speed up mean time to repair (MTTR). NETSCOUT brings its expertise and best practices to deliver a VaaS solution that provides deep analysis and actionable recommendations. NETSCOUT’S VaaS is ideal when working with NETSCOUT products, such as nGeniusONE, InfiniStreamNG, nGeniusPULSE, nPoints, nGenius Packet Flow Switches, Omnis Cyber Investigator, and Smart Edge Monitoring solutions. Regardless of the industry, outsourcing service assurance is a smart move for any IT organization.

According to one online hospitality/travel enterprise, “The NETSCOUT team would work with us to dig into issues we’re seeing at a site and helped us troubleshoot those issues until we found a resolution.”

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