End-User Service Quality Improves with NETSCOUT Visibility

End-User Service Quality Improves with NETSCOUT Visibility
Eileen Haggerty

Each year, insurance companies offer a short window of time for people to evaluate and select health care benefits. . Typically offered through corporate employers, employees approach this decision with careful attention, often researching specific elements of each provider and plan to find the option that best fits of their needs.

This process often involves a call to customer service representatives providers to ask key questions on coverage, providers, and costs. Those calls, which are often the first experience the employee has with the organization, essentially become the ‘face’ of the company, and represent an important barometer when it comes to user experience. . Anything less than a high-quality experience can create a negative impression in the minds of these employees. Should there be such incidents of voice choppiness, echoes, or dropped calls, frustration will build with the callers and negatively impact the enrollment success.

See how this insurance company’s IT team strategically planned and implemented the NETSCOUT nGeniusONE Service Assurance solution to proactively implement visibility to stay ahead of and quickly remediate issues that might impair end-user experience with the contact centers during the time-sensitive enrollment period, as well as over the entire year.

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