Demo: Blocking Ransomware and DDoS Extortion Attacks

Demo: Blocking Ransomware and DDoS Extortion Attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) extortion and ransomware attacks are on the rise—and so is the financial impact, which in 2020 was estimated to exceed $20 billion globally. No business sector is off limits. Cybercriminals target businesses of every size, in every public- and private-sector vertical. Comprehensive cyberattack protection is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

Although DDoS extortion and ransomware attacks share similarities, there are differences. One primary difference is that DDoS extortion is more of an immediate inbound threat, whereas ransomware usually is preceded by an attacker dwell time during which outbound communication between the compromised host and the attacker command and control occurs before the victim’s data is encrypted.

Therefore, a comprehensive cyberattack solution means protecting from both incoming DDoS attacks and outgoing indicators of compromise that precede ransomware: a first and last line of defense.

The NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense solution provides this comprehensive level of protection. As a first line of defense, it blocks inbound DDoS attacks. As a last line of defense, it blocks outbound Indicators of compromise to stop malware attacks before they occur.

See the NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense in action:

Blocking Ransomware Attack with Arbor Edge Defense

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