With Cyberattacks on the Rise, Cyber Intelligence Is a Must

Groundbreaking Intelligence Technology Identifies Threats Early in the Attack Life Cycle

With Cyberattacks on the Rise, Cyber Intelligence Is a Must

Cyberattacks and data breaches continue to escalate, reaching record levels. In fact, Forbes reports that the sheer number of data breaches In 2021 has already exceeded those of 2020. Forbes cites a study that claims the 1,111 data breaches detected so far this year already exceeds the total number of data compromises from all causes in 2020.

Bottom line: The problem is bad and only promises to get much worse.

With cyberattacks increasing and breaches making headlines, IT security teams are faced with the grim reality that existing tools are simply no match for this exponentially growing threat. To make matters worse, as the risk grows, so does the cost. The cost of combatting the threats and the potential losses from businesses being compromised are skyrocketing.

A major shortcoming of many of today’s cybersecurity tools is that the typical data sets feeding them are reactive, not granular, and do not extend to the earliest indications of a potential attack. This makes it difficult to identify threats early in the attack lifecycle. As a result, security professionals are not armed with the information they need to prevent infections from spreading, identify compromised assets, or stop future attacks.

Putting Intelligence in the Hands of the Good Guys

With the recent release of NETSCOUT’S Omnis Cyber Intelligence (OCI), the industry’s fastest and most scalable network security software solution, security professionals finally have an upper hand in the fight against cyberattacks.

OCI is built on the foundation of the industry’s most prominent network monitoring and packet recording and analysis technology. It uniquely detects and investigates suspicious activities in real time and retrospectively, identifying threats before they spread.

Using market-leading visibility technology, OCI increases the range and depth of security intelligence and makes it accessible to security teams in real time. The solution consists of an analytics stack and cybersecurity software sensors called Omnis CyberStreams.

” Enterprises have invested heavily in cybersecurity solutions, but they are largely ineffective because they lack the actionable visibility needed to spot attacks before they have broad impact,” said Sanjay Munshi, vice president, product management, NETSCOUT. “As attack surfaces expand, the Omnis Cyber Intelligence solution extends throughout the infrastructure, integrates into existing ecosystems, and becomes part of the growing movement toward XDR (Extended Detection and Response), using meaningful metadata, or Smart Data, and powerful cyber analytics to quickly get to the root cause of the cybersecurity issue and mitigate risk.”

OCI enables security teams to:

  • Continuously scan and detect attacks earlier, minimizing exposure and potentially heading off threats
  • Access historical evidence to understand how an attack started in order to prevent similar breaches in the future
  • Monitor exposed attack surfaces, allowing security teams to optimize the effectiveness of defenses
  • Evaluate the extent of penetration and impacted assets when attacks occur to prevent malware from spreading
  • Deploy on premises, in virtualized data centers, and in the public cloud, without impacting security governance and workflows
  • Integrate security ecosystems by using APIs and partnerships with leading vendors, such as Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, and AWS

For more information about the Omnis Cyber Intelligence solution, visit https://www.netscout.com/solutions/omnis-security.