What is Total Economic Impact™?

The Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study helps companies demonstrate, justify, and realize the tangible value of their products and solutions to various stakeholders and prospective customers. The TEI framework provides a rigorous, structured approach to measuring and communicating the financial impact of technology investments. TEI studies also examine the potential risks and flexibility that a technology investment might offer.

There are several key components of the Total Economic Impact studies commissioned by NETSCOUT. These include:


These are the positive outcomes, both financial and non-financial, of the implementation of the solutions in the study, which are part of the Visibility Without Borders platform. This shows the increases in revenue, cost savings, and operational efficiencies of the Visibility Without Borders platform.


This shows the future value that the Visibility Without Borders platform may provide an organization. This can include the ability to capitalize on new opportunities in the future.


These include the expenses incurred during the purchase, implementation, and running of the solution, including upfront, operational, maintenance, training, and other expenses.


These are potential challenges or negative outcomes that may reduce the overall benefits a solution provides. This can include under-delivery on promised benefits, implementation difficulties, and unanticipated costs.

A TEI study aims to provide a comprehensive view of the total economic impact a technology solution provides by blending and quantifying these components. This assists organizations in making informed decisions when vetting possible solutions while also allowing vendors to showcase the value proposition of their solutions.

What You’ll Find in TEI Studies

Quantified ROI Projections

TEI studies provide a potential ROI figure in dollars to help organizations make the right decisions for their bottom line.

Real Customer Interviews

Hear from real users to get their honest feedback on the benefits, financial and non-financial, of the solutions you are interested in.

Impacts on Your Organization

Learn how the solutions will help boost your business operations from a non-financial lens.

Forrester Total Economic Impact Studies of NETSCOUT Solutions

All results are for the composite organization representative of the customers interviewed by the study.


NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense Multi-Vector DDoS Protection TEI

Published April 2022

NETSCOUT’s Arbor Edge Defense (AED) provides DDoS protection from dynamic multi-vector attacks, whether it is deployed on-premises, in a colocation center, or in a public cloud. Get intelligence driven, adaptive DDoS defense against direct path attacks that consistently bypass cloud-only solutions.

  • 201% ROI over three years
  • Net present value of $3.37M over three years
  • 7-Month payback period
  • Increased operational efficiencies, saving more than 2,000 hours
  • Improved DDoS protection with greater control
  • Improved time to detect and respond
  • Improved brand reputation


Enterprise Performance Management TEI

Published April 2023

Digital transformations, SaaS/UCaaS adoption, hybrid workforce, and cloud migrations have generated more complexity in the connected world. NETSCOUT offers complete visibility into digital service and application performance, regardless of the environment, with our proven nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solution to assure quality digital user experience.

  • 234% ROI over three years
  • Net present value of $4.86M over three years
  • Less than 6-month payback period
  • More than 80% decrease in person-hours on incident management
  • 7.5% increase in revenue productivity for customer-facing agents
  • $1.9M in recouped cost of downtime from outages
  • 6.1% increase in productivity for non-revenue-generating employees


Arbor Sightline Network Visibility & DDoS Detection TEI

Published October 2023

From network-wide capacity planning to identifying and mitigating DDoS attacks, Arbor Sightline, TMS, and Insight from NETSCOUT are designed to improve visibility and uptime for the most complex enterprise and service provider networks. Grow your business while keeping it safe with NETSCOUT’s robust DDoS protection solutions.

  • 223% ROI over three years
  • Net present value of $12.04M over three years
  • 12-month payback period
  • 95% of DDoS attacks mitigated
  • 75% to 80% net reduction in MTTR for significant DDoS attacks
  • 10.3% incremental revenue increase from premium customers by year 3
  • 70% reduction in number of FTE-hours for incident management

NETSCOUT Visibility Without Borders Platform

Our Visibility Without Borders® platform provides comprehensive visibility across your entire digital ecosystem. This allows enterprises and service providers to leverage a common data foundation to solve challenges in many areas, like performance management, cybersecurity, DDoS protection, carrier service assurance, and more. NETSCOUT commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview our customers and use their results to build a composite customer to analyze and report on the benefits of our solutions, as shown in these Total Economic Impact (TEI) studies.

Benefits of the Visibility Without Borders Platform

Unmatched Visibility

Visibility from the global internet to your entire digital ecosystem.

Unlimited Scalability

Scale to any environment, any cloud, any enterprise, any application, and any service.

Proven Instrumentation

Proven to solve the most complex challenges for the world’s most essential organizations.

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