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As bad actors evolve their techniques, it isn't enough to just be Cyber Smart anymore. As workforces everywhere have become remote and corporate networks expand to include offices and workstations around the globe, the landscape that attackers can target has become larger and more vulnerable. In the first half of 2021 alone, NETSCOUT measured a 106% increase in adaptive DDoS attacks that used 20 or more attack vectors.

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Netscout Threat Intelligence Report

Adversaries launched more than 9.7 million DDoS attacks in 2021, just 3% shy of the record-breaking 10 million seen in 2020 and a whopping 14% more than seen pre-pandemic in 2019.

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2H 2021 Threat Report

Omnis Threat Horizon

Netscout's Omnis Threat Horizon is a free tool composed of highly curated, real-time global threat data presented in a way that allows you to understand how it impacts your organization. 

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The Long Tail of Attacker Innovation

Netscout Threat Intelligence Report showcases the dramatic impact of cyberattacks on private and public entities worldwide.

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New Business Normal Creates Threat Opportunities

Enterprises need to develop short- and long-term strategies to counteract shifting threats to networks and applications.

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What is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)?

DDoS is an attempt to exhaust the resources available to a network, application, or service so that genuine users cannot gain access. Increased DDoS attacks have led to innovation in the areas of tools, targets and techniques.

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