Case Study

UC&C SaaS Company Puts Customer Quality First With Visibility to Cloud Solutions

UC&C SaaS Company Puts Customer Quality First With Visibility to Cloud Solutions


The Challenge
  • Quality of customer experience is a priority for this SaaS company and their existing tools were incomplete and expensive
  • Needed to ensure migration to cloud included same visibility and troubleshooting capabilities in use with the flagship on-premise product
The Solution
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform
  • InfiniStreamNG™ software appliances
The Results
  • Gained visibility – the company, their customer and the carrier all used NETSCOUT® nGeniusONE to get full visibility to network traffic to quickly & collaboratively identify root cause of issues
  • Created foundation for migrating to the cloud with the same visibility they rely on with their on-premise solutions

Customer Profile

This 25-year-old, multi-billion-dollar, technology company provides platforms that help their customers deliver great customer experiences. Their on-premise and Cloud solutions enable omni-channel / contact center-based engagements for 11,000 customers in over 100 countries.

Since technology is the foundation of the products , solution performance is key to their success. Their IT goals focus on continual improvement to reach high quality and availability of 6-9s! The IT teams strive for excellence, including application and network performance to ensure their customers have a flawless experience using the services. After all, in a software as a service (SaaS) business, good experience means happy customers and continued revenue streams!

The company had previously selected NETSCOUT to gain much-desired visibility into performance of their flagship solution offering that is hosted in their data centers. When they acquired a company with a cloud-based solution, they needed the same visibility and analysis as they were successfully using for the on-premise solution.

The Challenge

After the acquisition, the organization discovered that the monitoring tool the acquired company was using for the cloud-based solution had gaps in capability and was very expensive to maintain and upgrade. Based on their knowledge of NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE solution with real-time, packet-data analysis, which they relied on for their on-premise solution, the IT staff knew there was a better, more in-depth approach to service assurance for their newly acquired service offering. Specifically, they needed the level of Unified Communication (UC) monitoring necessary to ensure the high-quality customer experiences the company traditionally delivered. Further, when a performance issue was reported, it was difficult, and sometimes impossible, to isolate the root cause.

This is a traditional company that has been focused on network hardware. Like most companies, they are undergoing a digital transformation and moving to software to take advantage of the speed and agility provided. The acquisition of the cloud-based solution is just the start of their cloud journey. Plans are in development to move other solutions to the cloud, making migration to the cloud a key investment priority. The IT team understands this will bring new layers of complexity and the risk of failure will multiply.

Solution in Action

The IT executives and teams using NETSCOUT were interested in using a single monitoring solution for voice, data and cloud with both their on-premise and new cloud-based offerings. At the same time, an important health-care customer (end-user) of the cloud-based solution was experiencing performance issues and thought the problem originated with the technology company. Working together with the end-user company and the carrier, who was also using nGeniusONE, the technology company leveraged InfiniStreamNG software appliances monitoring the traffic to prove that the root cause of the issue was not their system, but actually due to configuration issues at the end-user location.

In a separate situation, they wanted to ensure performance for a retail customer using the cloud-based solution. Again, their current monitoring tool was not meeting expectations. They used InfiniStreamNG software appliances to monitor performance of the cloud-based solution on “black-Friday” to detect, manage, and troubleshoot issues on the extremely high-traffic volume day. The set up and performance of nGeniusONE was very successful, handling the high volume and identified issues and their cause, so resolutions could be implemented immediately.

The Results

IT now has visibility to the application and network traffic for the cloud-based solution that enables them to identify trends, so they can manage the system for optimal performance. With pervasive UC visibility, monitoring and performance management they see what is happening in the environment and can quickly take the necessary corrective action in real-time to keep the services available and performing at the high-quality, 6-9’s level, that their customers have come to expect.

The organization successfully leveraged their investment by using a single solution in both product divisions for voice, data and cloud. With NETSCOUT they have created a foundation for the future with service assurance designed into the cloud migration planning stages. As they migrate workloads to the cloud in such a way that they run efficiently, cost-effectively and with greater flexibility, they are prepared with the same visibility into workload performance and service levels that have been successful for their on-premise solutions. The deployment of service assurance throughout their broad portfolio of offerings demonstrates their commitment to be a value-added partner by making the customer experience a top priority.