Case Study

Ensuring Cloud Migration with In-depth Service Visibility and Monitoring

Ensuring Cloud Migration with In-depth Service Visibility and Monitoring


The Challenge
  • Needed to go beyond troubleshooting and obtain visibility and analysis to proactively solve problems
  • Required a scalable monitoring solution that could handle current demands, while providing seamless expansion into the cloud
  • Lacked a single product to provide streamlined workflows, from monitoring to analysis and troubleshooting
The Solution
  • nGeniusONE® service assurance platform
  • InfiniStreamNG™ appliances
  • vSTREAM™ and vSCOUT™
The Results
  • Dramatically improved performance and reliability of their applications and services on-site and across the hybrid cloud
  • Reduced MTTR and streamlined workflow for solving service impacting problems
  • Solved problems proactively with real-time monitoring

Customer Profile

Based in Europe, this global energy company provides natural gas, electricity, and energy services such as engineering and design. With more than 150,000 employees serving 70 countries worldwide, the company is focused on delivering outstanding customer service while maintaining government compliance. This multi-billion euro organization has set a goal of improving the world through renewable energy, energy efficiency, and digital technology for the future.

The Challenge

Keeping energy flowing and customers happy is critically important to this global energy provider. To accomplish this mission requires flawless performance of vital services. Any network or system disruption can harm the business, as well as the company’s reputation for excellent customer service. As a result, IT was under pressure to assure the availability and performance of these important services. Doing this required not only troubleshooting ability but also end-to-end visibility and analysis allowing them to proactively solve problems before impacting customers or risking regulatory compliance issues.

Adding to the challenge, the company was on the verge of a major move to the cloud to meet future requirements of the business. This meant IT needed a scalable monitoring solution that could handle current demands, while at the same time providing seamless expansion into the cloud, offering continued visibility into service availability and performance.

Solution in Action

The nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform and InfiniStreamNG solution, which harnesses the power of IP intelligence by mining wire-traffic in real-time, were implemented to provide the visibility necessary to ensure availability and performance of critical services. The fully integrated, highly scalable solution provides streamlined workflows – from monitoring to analysis and troubleshooting - within a single product, making it possible to proactively solve problems before they impacted customers or risked regulatory compliance issues.

nGeniusONE’s Service Dashboard provides intuitive drilldowns and workflows to quickly troubleshoot and find the root cause of service issues. The NETSCOUT® solution delivers much needed, in-depth visibility into application level errors and responsiveness information. This advanced solution also offers capabilities to address virtualized applications as well as monitoring across the hybrid cloud. To meet the company’s future cloud needs, the nGeniusONE solution is easily expandable to extend visibility and analysis into the cloud with vSTREAM and vSCOUT.

The Results

Since implementing the NETSCOUT solution, this global energy provider has dramatically improved the performance and reliability of its applications and services. With these invaluable tools in hand, the IT team can solve problems proactively, detecting, troubleshooting, and resolving performance issues before users can be adversely impacted – protecting the customer experience and the company’s reputation.

As a result of the NETSCOUT solution, IT has been able to reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), streamlining workflows for solving service impacting disruptions using a single interface to monitor and troubleshoot services end-to-end. The company has gained the capability to assure virtualized applications on site and across the hybrid cloud – providing a future-proof solution that assures the continued success of the business.