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Big Data Analytics at the Speed of Thought for Faster Network Insights and Smarter Business Decision

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“With the big data analytics capabilities of Arbor SP Insight, customers will now be able to understand what’s happening on their network like never before. We expect the ability to customize searches and report functionality within Arbor SP Insight to have an impact across the entire organization, from the C-suite to services and marketing teams, and of course, network and security operations." - Rik Turner, Principal Analyst Ovum

Exploring at the Speed of Thought

Leverage Arbor SP’s unique flow annotations and enrichment to create context by matching this memory to your network topology, customers and traffic patterns – enabling you to conduct agile, multi-dimensional searches of raw and enriched data with unlimited filtering, the ability to maintain granularity over time, detailed retrospective drill-downs and effortless pivots from graphical to tabular visualizations – all while maintaining state on the event and period of interest.

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Turn Deep Visibility Into Clear Insights. Instantly.

Arbor SP Insight builds upon Arbor SP and big data techniques to generate a photographic memory of network traffic activity – allowing deep and wide analytics and enabling new ad-hoc reporting. See the big picture and the details with agile, multi-dimensional searches of raw and enriched data, with annotations and metadata. Take advantage of high-speed big data analytics for faster insights and smarter business decisions.

Extend and Enhance the Operational Value of your Arbor SP Deployment

  • Retain high-fidelity storage of your raw flow data – with Arbor’s unique flow annotations and metadata enrichment creating context that matches this photographic memory with your network topology, customers and traffic patterns – for real-time or historical, unstructured analysis.
  • Visualize complex queries and casual explorations in graphical and tabular formats through a single pane of glass.
  • Perform much faster and more thorough DDoS attack and advanced threat forensics.
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  • Flow Data Store Provides Photographic Memory of Network Traffic
    Store all raw network flows, with annotations and metadata for as long as your organization requires for real-time or historical, unstructured analysis.

  • Single Pane of Glass for Agile Analysis
    Visualize complex queries and casual explorations in graphical and tabular formats from a single UI.

  • Extends and Enhances Existing Arbor Networks SP Deployments
    To retain high-fidelity, long-term storage of your annotated raw flow data and allow multi-dimensional, visual analysis.

  • DDoS Attack Detection and Response Management
    Combining Arbor Network DDoS and Visibility solution gives operates the capability to detect DDoS attacks in as little as one second, receive alerts and manage DDoS attack mitigations across your entire deployment.

Intelligent Visibility into Network Traffic

“By providing intelligent visibility into our network traffic, Arbor Networks SP gives us three major benefits. First, the system instantly alerts us to anomalous network activity so we can address security threats and maintain the highest quality of service. Second, it provides detailed information about suspect and attack traffic so we can conduct meaningful forensics. And third, by providing insight into where traffic is coming from, it enables more accurate traffic engineering, network planning and peering analysis – all of which helps reduce our costs and optimize our services.”  -  Foreshore, Technical Director


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XO Communications Case Study

XO Communications realized the business benefits associated with using Arbor SP to gain comprehensive visibility into traffic flows and remove congestion in network hot spots.

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Arbor SP

As network operators, you demand a solution that evolves with your business needs. NETSCOUT Arbor SP has been evolving with operators over the last decade and continues to be the de facto platform for understanding how traffic is flowing through your network. Download this data sheet to learn how NETSCOUT Arbor SP can help you meet your key business objectives.

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Arbor Networks adds big data analytics to its SP portfolio

Arbor has announced the release of its new SP Insight technology. SP Insight adds big data analytics capabilities to Arbor’s extensive SP network visibility and reporting platform. The Arbor SP platform, previously known as Peakflow SP, helps organizations detect and deal with cyber threats, as well as improve traffic flow and network performance. The new Insight product, which operates as an integrated extension to the core SP platform, will enable Arbor clients to work more effectively and flexibly with their network and traffic flow data. It will help them create more detailed context on the usage and threat data that is important to the wellbeing of their systems and networks.

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Arbor Networks SP Insight


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