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Everything is business critical today. There truly is no off. Enterprise environments have become more complex and are tasked with deploying a record number of applications services with less time and fewer resources. Corporations are dependent on the fully connected world and must deliver real-time access to information and business application services.  

Slow-downs and disruptions in business services wreak havoc on employee productivity and customer satisfaction, ultimately impacting revenue. Pinpointing the source of these problems presents their own set of challenges, further complicated by the complexity of the service architecture. Traditional lines of demarcation no longer exist when quick triage of a service is required. Diagnosing if it is client services, servers, application environments or the infrastructure network causing the problem is difficult and time consuming; often leading to costly “War Room” exercises.

The IT function is becoming a critical front-office priority. Although cross-team IT collaboration has been hampered by limitations from reactive, technology-siloed tools that reduce productivity. Service delivery and performance management initiatives that have traditionally been the domain of the network engineering organization have recently evolved to network operations and the broader support of IT operations. The nGeniusONE performance management platform facilitates this transition with its intuitive user interface, allowing network, server, and application teams, as well as Level 2 analysts, to quickly solve problems.

Enterprise industries we serve:

Public Sector

When you’re serving the public, it’s especially important to maintain service availability.

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Financial Services

Comprehensive management solutions that cater to the speed and granularity of the industry.

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Downtime can derail your day today. Our solution provides visibility to prevent lulls in service.

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Capital Markets

Increase trading performance with a platform that offers actionable intelligence to assure consistent service.

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Don’t let service disruptions set back your workflow and bottom line. Get a platform that lets you stay one step ahead.

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Deliver real-time, traffic-based intelligence that enables transportation IT to assure a high-quality customer experience when moving people, animals or goods from one location to another.

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Ensure that your business runs like clockwork with a platform that facilitates the flow of sales.

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Utilities and Energy

Watch over all your systems with a platform that limits outages so the lights stay bright.

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