We collect, correlate, organize, and analyze traffic data from all corners of your environment.

InfiniStream Platform

Delivers traffic-based intelligence from enterprise environments for essential visibility and real-time analysis of network and application performance management.

Provide a flawless user experience with rapid and clear insights
Holistic service assurance depends on real-time analysis of traffic flowing throughout your complex, global network. Visibility into important service aggregation points such as data centers, application server clusters, server farms, remote and branch offices, and the network edge, supplies the metrics necessary to effectively monitor service delivery. The InfiniStream platform equips you with clear insights for rapid troubleshooting of issues and enables you to provide extraordinary service quality.

Knowledge is power
NETSCOUT’s InfiniStream platform is powered by our Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, which proactively collects, organizes and analyzes traffic data to provide rich information about the performance of business services and unified communications. Armed with this data, you can quickly determine which database server, network appliance or web service is the root cause and take steps to resolve the issue before it becomes a widespread problem.

Deliver real-time, actionable intelligence
NETSCOUT’s InfiniStream platform gathers traffic data from key vantage points throughout the IT environment using ASI – a passive, non-disruptive and scalable technology. Used in conjunction with our nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform, InfiniStream products provide insights for use in troubleshooting, post-event forensic analysis, application response time analysis and detailed key performance indicators.

The InfiniStream platform includes the following InfiniStream and nGenius Collector appliances:

  • InfiniStream 4500– Supports 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit monitoring requirements for server farms and application server clusters within the data center
  • InfiniStream 1900 and 2900 – Designed for deployment in low traffic areas such as the campus edge, workgroup environments or mission-critical branch offices
  • InfiniStreamNG platform – Family of products that mine IP traffic in real-time for an end-to-end view across virtual and physical network environments. Supplies a common set of metadata to a wide range of analytics stacks for insights into service assurance, application performance management, cybersecurity and business intelligence.
  • nGenius Collector – Provides high-capacity collection and aggregation of Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow, S-Flow and IP SLA-based data and datagrams from network switches and routers
  • nGenius Lync Data Collector – Specialized appliance-based data source that collects endpoint metrics and call data records (CDR)

“Based on my experience using NETSCOUT, I believe it is an absolute must have for optimizing service delivery and resolving performance issues. Once you have used the nGenius solution, it will become indispensable for protecting end-user experience.”
– Major Florida Children’s Hospital

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NETSCOUT’s time-proven solutions unlock the power of IP traffic data to support the world’s largest and most demanding networks. Let us show you how the InfiniStream platform and ASI technology provide real-time, actionable intelligence for end-to-end service assurance, performance management and post-event forensic analysis.


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