Throughout the complexity of hybrid cloud and digital transformation lies gaps in visibility that put quality end-user experience and application performance at risk.

Now, more than ever, you need unparalleled visibility to solve performance and security issues that impact any user, any cloud, any service, anywhere.

NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring. Borderless visibility to solve performance problems before your end-users pay the price.

Smart Edge Monitoring

Post Pandemic IT Challenges

Dark teal outline of a home

Work From Home

42% of Employees working from home for foreseeable future

Teal outline of a home and office building

Hybrid Workforce

38% of Employers planning to support hybrid workforce

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Accelerated Digital Transformations

49% of Companies accelerating these efforts in response to pandemic

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Efficient Collaboration Concerns

55% of Companies are concerned about their hybrid workforce’s ability to efficiently collaborate

Focal Areas

Netscout Smart Edge Monitoring reimagines service assurance in hybrid cloud environments. It gives IT teams complete visibility and provides insight to assure the highest-quality end-user experience in any network or application regardless of where end-users perform their jobs.

Technology Partners

NETSCOUT has established strategic alliances to collaborate with best-in-class technology partners, providing integrated solutions for our mutual customers and the success of their data center transformations.

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