Network and Application Performance Management

Digital transformation, multi-cloud expansion, SaaS adoption, and a hybrid workforce has put assuring quality end-user experience throughout your distributed enterprise at risk.

Now, more than ever, you need unparalleled visibility to solve performance and security issues that impact any user, any cloud, any application, anywhere.

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management. Borderless visibility, leveraging deep packet inspection at scale, to solve performance and digital user experience problems before your users pay the price.

Ensure User Experience with Visibility from NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management

Remote Office Sprawl

The business conducted in these remote offices, as well as by employees working from home, is mission critical! Visibility to assure quality performance and digital user experience is essential to protect customer service, revenue, and employee productivity!

Dark teal outline of a factory


Estimated 10 million factories in the world

Dark teal outline of a bank building

Branch Bank Offices

Nearly 75K FDIC insured commercial branch banks in U.S.

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Retail Warehouses

Over 19K retail warehouses in U.S.

Dark teal outline of a medical building


More than 50,000 Hospitals worldwide

Use Cases

The nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solution reimagines network and application performance management in digitally transformed environments. It provides IT teams with complete visibility, delivering actionable information to help assure the highest quality user experience for any application no matter where it is hosted, across any infrastructure regardless of where the end-users perform their jobs.

Hybrid Workforce

The distributed workforce is a fact of life. And employee digital experience needs to be maintained regardless of where they are doing their job that day - from home, hotels, remote/branch offices, or headquarters. This level of unpredictability requires visibility to manage the unexpected.

UCaaS and CCaaS

All communications are vital to enterprises - VoIP, Video, Cloud-based, Contact Center! Poor quality and service interruptions can put business on hold. The nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solution offers end-user experience and performance analysis of your communications platforms.

Hybrid / Multi-Cloud

Cloud adoption, migrations, and usage accelerated during the pandemic and is now an integral part of business strategies. Remove the visibility gaps and blind spots with comprehensive end-through-end troubleshooting and user-experience analysis from NETSCOUT.

Mission-Critical Applications

Mission-critical applications are the lifeline of the business and their performance is essential to meet customer, revenue, patient, and regulatory expectations. Ensure the applications responsible for your credit card authorizations, patient records management, automated manufacturing floor operations and your other essential services are running smoothly and deliver the quality user experience you need.

Technology Partners

NETSCOUT has established strategic alliances to collaborate with best-in-class technology partners, providing integrated solutions for our mutual customers and the success of their data center transformations.

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