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Unstoppable Performance for Your Unstoppable Enterprise

As workforces become more distributed, networks continue to expand and everything from the data center to the cloud to the edge becomes more complex, the world’s largest and most essential organizations rely on nGenius Enterprise Performance Management to see and manage it all—at any scale.

Meet Every Need Earlier, with More Precision

nGenius Enterprise Performance Management

No matter how distributed your digital ecosystem becomes, or how many applications you deploy across it, our nGenius solution is uniquely capable of scaling with your business to handle complex performance issues in real time, at any scale.

Application & Network Performance Monitoring

nGenius's end-to-end visibility ensures quality performance for any application, in any infrastructure, for any user.

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Digital Transformation

nGenius is built on deep packet inspection at scale for robust performance & availability in multi-vendor IT environments.

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Hybrid / Multi-Cloud

Eliminate visibility gaps in multi- and hybrid-cloud environments with end-to-end troubleshooting and user-experience analysis using nGenius.

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Mission-Critical Applications

Ensure your mission-critical applications run smoothly and deliver the quality user experience you need to meet customer and revenue expectations.

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UCaaS & Collaboration

Poor-quality UCaaS or CCaaS can put a business on hold. End-user experience and performance analysis in nGenius maintains quality communications.

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Hybrid Workforce

Our intelligent nGenius solution solves performance and digital user experience problems that threaten availability and productivity.

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One Unstoppable Platform for Performance, Security, and Availability

Fragmented performance and security solutions increase complexity and expose your organization to more vulnerabilities. nGenius Enterprise Performance Management, an integral part of our Visibility Without Borders® platform, gives you a single source of truth based on better data, from every data packet to the broadest view of the global internet traffic, to optimize performance, security, and availability—at any scale—more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why Deeper, Broader Data Matters

With the deepest and broadest visibility possible— from every data packet to the broadest view of global Internet traffic, across all cloud environments, applications, and end users—you can track everything that moves through your network and identify problems faster and more accurately.

Actionable Insights for Solving at Scale

With a common set of data unified in one platform, network and security teams can consolidate tools and work from a single source of truth to rapidly detect, pinpoint, triage, analyze, and resolve network, application, or security anomalies.


The Total Economic Impact Of NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management

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Unstoppable Success

Built on decades of success, NETSCOUT has the most experience assuring, securing, and protecting distributed, complex digital ecosystems like yours, more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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