In today's marketplace, the difference between competitive advantage and also-ran status may depend on the IT organization's ability to deliver on the promise and potential of digital transformation. The world's largest enterprises and service providers are aggressively implementing a mix of digital technologies, systems and tools to radically reshape the delivery of enhanced or new products and services, improve operational workflows, and lower capital and operating costs without compromising quality, performance or security. With digital transformation, scalability, visibility and control are essential for successfully maintaining business continuity, minimizing disruption and adapting to an evolving hybrid technology infrastructure. NETSCOUT understands this challenge and has expanded its range of solutions to help its customers worldwide advance their digital transformation initiatives with confidence.

NETSCOUT's product strategy is built on a "smart data" foundation — using its patented Adaptive Service IntelligenceTM technology to instantly convert network traffic or wire data into highly structured, contextual metadata, or "smart data", at the collection point. To help customers expand visibility, NETSCOUT has broadened its range of instrumentation — from conventional appliances to software-only and virtual form factors. For example, the Company's virtual offerings, vSCOUT and vSTREAM, are helping enterprises cost-effectively extend Application Assurance and Network Assurance deeper into data centers, remote sites and hybrid cloud environments while also supporting service providers as they transition to network function virtualization (NFV). NETSCOUT Arbor, responsible for the Company's distributed denial of service (DDoS) offerings, has also continued to enhance and expand its market-leading offerings as DDoS attacks continue to increase in size, frequency and complexity.

Powered by high-fidelity wire data, NETSCOUT's analytics further elevate the Company's value proposition and expand its total addressable market. The Company's nGeniusONE analytics suite delivers real-time insights into both network and application performance. nGeniusPULSE complements nGeniusONE by diagnosing the root causes of infrastructure performance issues as well as active testing of software-as-a-service application. nGenius Business Analytics is enabling service providers to gain powerful, timely insights into the subscriber experience, revenue growth, churn, operational efficiency and productivity. Looking ahead, NETSCOUT intends to substantially enhance its advanced threat analytics in ways that will help enterprises identify, investigate and contain network-borne advanced threats. NETSCOUT Arbor also plans to further expand its enterprise DDoS capabilities to fortify defenses against incoming DDoS attacks and block outbound threats at the perimeter. Additionally, NETSCOUT Arbor plans to enhance the analytics that service providers rely on to conduct agile, multi-dimensional searches of raw and enriched data that results in much faster and more thorough DDoS attack and advanced threat forensics.

With an expanded array of instrumentation options and a broader range of analytics, NETSCOUT is increasingly well-positioned to help its customers worldwide navigate the challenges and realize the benefits of digital transformation.