Netscout Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTCT)

The world's largest, most innovative and influential service providers, enterprises and government agencies recognize that digital transformation — which typically encompasses modifying or overhauling workflow processes, upgrading and reconfiguring technology infrastructures and deploying new digital systems, applications and tools — is fundamental to growing revenue, boosting productivity, building scale, creating new efficiencies, reducing risk and controlling costs. Over the past several years, NETSCOUT has invested considerably — through both acquisitions and organic R&D — to expand its product portfolio and deliver a broader range of high-value solutions that are designed to support its customers worldwide as they advance their digital transformation initiatives with confidence and assure their digital business services against disruptions in availability, performance and security.

NETSCOUT's solutions are playing a critical role in helping service providers, enterprises and government agencies monitor, manage and protect their networks and the applications and services that traverse those networks. By collecting and instantaneously transforming network traffic into highly structured, contextual metadata — what we at NETSCOUT call "smart data" — to feed an expanding range of powerful analytics, our customers are optimizing network performance, delivering high- quality applications and services, protecting the network against attack, gaining insight into the end-user experience and making smarter, faster and more informed business and technology decisions. The Company's powerful software capabilities and flexible range of deployment options deliver the real-time, pervasive visibility and insight that customers need to accelerate and secure their digital transformation.

In an era during which connectivity has become fundamental to the way we work, communicate and socialize, NETSCOUT's solutions have never been more important to network, IT and security teams. We've long understood that the costs associated with network and application downtime are significant — potentially impacting our customers' top-line, profitability and organizational reputations. NETSCOUT's customers rely on the Company's technology to drive ROI on their infrastructure investments, maximize network and application performance, and quickly identify and mitigate security threats — all of which are key tenets of digital transformation.